Yesterday, I spoke about Self-Love. I had such a positive response that I was inspired to write something new. I want to dig a little deeper.

How deep?

Deeper than my gallbladder! I want to talk about dating.

What in heaven’s name is going on in this generation? I’m hearing three different stories.

  1. You skip dinner and go straight to bed like a wild goose and end up in the jungle like Jane and Tarzan.
  2. You eat dinner, get to know him and repay him by using your body.
  3. You go to dinner and get to know him. #Mybodystaysrightwhereitis

To be honest, I disagree with all three stories. I believe you can fall in love without dating. You can be with Eric and become his Ariel. You can meet the Prince and be his Cinderella.

Maybe it’s because I’m sincere. I will not allow a man to spend time and money when I know there’s no connection.

You’re probably thinking, “How do you know if you don’t give it chance?”

I did. I gave him 15 minutes. I’m not like most females. It doesn’t take that long for me. If he doesn’t crack a joke, he needs to go.


The quiet guys are so nice, but I feel like I’m at a cemetary. It’s too peaceful. I’m lost for words. I don’t know what to say.

Another thing I don’t like is this statement: Tell me about yourself. Correct me if I’m wrong, but is this a job interview? Do you have my resume? I just want to know.

After all, honesty is the best policy, right?

What can I say? I’m traditional. Building a connection doesn’t mean he has to use your body. Your body is a temple. Protect it. Don’t expose it.

At one point, my cousin said, “Relationships today are based on sex.” He even mentioned these words : A man needs to test drive the car before he buys it.”

Well, he better be on his way to a dealership. That’s where all the cars are located. They have all models and colors. I don’t care if it’s a Bentley or a Mercedes. I’m not a car. This is not a lease. He must be two kinds of crazy if he thinks I will sit here, and let him in like I have no sense.

Boy, Bye!

You’re a woman and not a machine. Please know your worth at all costs. I’m only saying this because it’s important to know. A man who loves you will know what to do. Ladies, focus on your well-being. I guaranteed you the journey only gets better!

My Instagram name is @ispeaktruth102. Follow if you want more inspiration.

As always, you are Beautiful. You are Smart. You are Amazing. Don’t let anyone tell you differently!



One thought on “DATING

  1. This was insightful to read. I am not sure why most guys feel they should “test drive” women before they decide to commit. I feel that it is not a necessary component to decide whether a person should commit to be with someone. There is more to a person during the stages of getting to know them. You don’t have to “get to know them” in bed.


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