I know what you’re thinking: Where were you?

It’s a long story with no ending : Covid-19 Pandemic. My brain cells were shot. Caskets, dead bodies, and no vaccine? Trust me, your brain would’ve been shot too! But I’m here and back with a bang to talk about the first kiss.

Disclaimer: Kissing is so overrated and don’t feel bad if you never been kissed. You’re not missing out on anything.

As we know, kissing is one component of intimacy. And it usually happens after a first date or when you’re in a relationship.

People kiss for many reasons. If you had to guess, sex is the main reason. But some people still like to keep their clothes on, which is great. At least I’d have some hope.

Kissing is beautiful but it won’t hold your relationship intact. And this is where communication comes in. People assume that you can be in a happy relationship and kiss all the way with no words or clarity.

It’s unfortunate because technology came in and everyone started texting. It almost feels like we don’t physically have conversations anymore. And if we don’t have conversations, then a relationship won’t survive.

I wrote this post because my heart was heavy. It was necessary to talk about because there are women who are kissing for the wrong reasons. It becomes unfair for those who want to be in love but meets a guy that wants to do more. And she’s not ready to take the next step. Sadly, if she doesn’t rock the boat, he will leave.

This is how damaging society is today.

I’m here to tell you pay it no mind. You have so much to live for in life. So, don’t look for love. Don’t look for a man to kiss you. Don’t look for a man to hold you. Look for a man who sees you deeper than just a kiss. Look for man who respects you with all his might. Look for a man who will love you. Forever.


3 thoughts on “THE FIRST KISS

  1. the treaure of self is only known when you go out and live towards your dreams to decide a path based on anything less then a journey of discovery is a total loss what where when its more important that the moment is one you want to endure in your mind and body a kiss a touch a warm embrace a trace of excitement a warm hand to hold one that doesn’t judge you or berate you for being differant be amazing as yourself love freely we never own affection we dont own love we share it freely and should never avoid the chance to experience profound and amazing your journey should be frought with delight and excitement wake and race to destination you dream of

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  2. the first love is much more then a kiss the first love the first passion the first true friend all values based on the long term event fullness of the journey bring your love to bare on your passions and desires


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