As you can imagine, this blog post is about my recent Instagram upload. It said: “If you believe that physical intimacy is going to save your marriage or relationship, think again.”

There are five categories of intimacy: Emotional, Intellectual, Physical, Experiential, and Spiritual. I want us to be mindful of the men we choose. Just because he loves to kiss you, doesn’t mean he’s going to connect with God.

It’s not our fault. We weren’t raised to understand men. Instead, we assumed that all men should play the same all three roles: boyfriend, husband and father. It’s unfortunate because this is how break-ups come about.

As women, we must choose our options of intimacy. Whether you’re emotional, spiritual or both, you have to figure out who you are. Also, try to find a partner who shares the same views is guaranteed to be a power couple.

If women were to use this method, it can help us understand the value of a relationship. It’s not just about intimacy. He will leave regardless.

Be Proud. Be Free. Be You.


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