Mental Health

I know what you're thinking: "There is nothing wrong with my mental health. I'm okay." The truth is, you're lying because deep down you're not okay. Here are a few examples that may apply to you: I didn't pass the bar exam. I'm never going to be a lawyer. I didn't pass my classes. I'm … Continue reading Mental Health


As you can imagine, this blog post is about my recent Instagram upload. It said: "If you believe that physical intimacy is going to save your marriage or relationship, think again." There are five categories of intimacy: Emotional, Intellectual, Physical, Experiential, and Spiritual. I want us to be mindful of the men we choose. Just … Continue reading PHYSICAL INTIMACY


I've heard stories about women who prefer relationships with attractive men. Seriously? So, if his face doesn't correspond with your heart or body, this love thing won't work? I analyzed the situation. Here is the result: there is no logic in what you're doing. Keep in mind, I'm traditional. If you believe this is how … Continue reading LOVE IS LOVE…LOOKS ARE LOOKS!