As you can imagine, this blog post is about my recent Instagram upload. It said: “If you believe that physical intimacy is going to save your marriage or relationship, think again.”

There are five categories of intimacy: Emotional, Intellectual, Physical, Experiential, and Spiritual. I want us to be mindful of the men we choose. Just because he loves to kiss you, doesn’t mean he’s going to connect with God.

It’s not our fault. We weren’t raised to understand men. Instead, we assumed that all men should play the same all three roles: boyfriend, husband and father. It’s unfortunate because this is how break-ups come about.

As women, we must choose our options of intimacy. Whether you’re emotional, spiritual or both, you have to figure out who you are. Also, try to find a partner who shares the same views is guaranteed to be a power couple.

If women were to use this method, it can help us understand the value of a relationship. It’s not just about intimacy. He will leave regardless.

Be Proud. Be Free. Be You.



I know what you’re thinking: Where were you?

It’s a long story with no ending : Covid-19 Pandemic. My brain cells were shot. Caskets, dead bodies, and no vaccine? Trust me, your brain would’ve been shot too! But I’m here and back with a bang to talk about the first kiss.

Disclaimer: Kissing is so overrated and don’t feel bad if you never been kissed. You’re not missing out on anything.

As we know, kissing is one component of intimacy. And it usually happens after a first date or when you’re in a relationship.

People kiss for many reasons. If you had to guess, sex is the main reason. But some people still like to keep their clothes on, which is great. At least I’d have some hope.

Kissing is beautiful but it won’t hold your relationship intact. And this is where communication comes in. People assume that you can be in a happy relationship and kiss all the way with no words or clarity.

It’s unfortunate because technology came in and everyone started texting. It almost feels like we don’t physically have conversations anymore. And if we don’t have conversations, then a relationship won’t survive.

I wrote this post because my heart was heavy. It was necessary to talk about because there are women who are kissing for the wrong reasons. It becomes unfair for those who want to be in love but meets a guy that wants to do more. And she’s not ready to take the next step. Sadly, if she doesn’t rock the boat, he will leave.

This is how damaging society is today.

I’m here to tell you pay it no mind. You have so much to live for in life. So, don’t look for love. Don’t look for a man to kiss you. Don’t look for a man to hold you. Look for a man who sees you deeper than just a kiss. Look for man who respects you with all his might. Look for a man who will love you. Forever.



One of the hardest jobs in the world is being a woman. It’s not easy to be us. It’s not easy to gracefully wake up with a smile on our faces. Because the truth is, we get frustrated especially if the plan changes.

Morning rituals? We shave our legs, and other places that have unwanted hair. We do facials to have clear skin. We brush, floss and brush again after eating. Showers are the longest particularly when we’re singing, shampooing and conditioning.

It’s what I do!

We’re out the shower. One towel around body. Our heads are wet. So what we do? Air dry! Then, we must find a matching bra set. And if we can’t find one, we will have a bad day. Finding something to wear? That can take hours.

No pedicure? No problem! Closed-toe shoes!

Finally, we have an outfit. It wasn’t what we expected, but it will do. Now, we have to inspect for stains. If it’s wrinkled…


The outfit is on point. Matching bra and panties on deck. The next thing on the list: make up! That can take awhile. I just put something light and call it a day.

We cook and clean. Oh my Goodness! We get a monthly visitor from mother nature. She says, “Truth, you’re not pregnant so use a pad.” Cramps come along like my day isn’t bad enough already.

And when we’re pregnant, we end up pushing human aliens out of our vajajays.


Sometimes, when it gets tough, we shed tears. But we keep going. We keep striving. A goal is nothing without a dream. So, we add more goals to reach more dreams.

To every woman out there, I salute you. If I could give you a big hug, I would. Thank you for being a great wife, mother, sister, grandmother, niece, cousin and friend. Thank you for not giving up. Thank you for everything you do. It’s not every day we get compliments, but today is your day. Thank you for being the light at the end of the tunnel.

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As always, you are Beautiful. You are Smart. You are Amazing. Don’t let anyone tell you differently.



There is a difference between a Boyfriend and a Boyfriend who is a Potential Husband. As women, we often get confused with relationships. The truth is, a boyfriend of four years will love you with his life, but it doesn’t mean he will propose. My heart is heavy that I wanted to educate women and young girls to understand the difference.

What is a Potential Husband?

I’m talking about a Gentleman. Someone who sees your inner beauty and not your makeup because you think it makes you pretty. A Great Listener. Someone who never gets tired of hearing your issues. If anything, he should always support you. A man who pulls your chair first at a restaurant. A man who treats you with respect. A man who caresses you when being held is an option. A man who knows his woman is a Queen. I’m not saying a gentleman won’t think about sex. Of course, he will. But his intention would focus more on loving you than using you.

Let it marinate!

Boyfriends who are potential husbands do exist. The equation is simple. The same way a KING is looking for his QUEEN is equivalent to a QUEEN looking for her KING.

What is a Boyfriend?

What does it mean to have one? Does he really love you? Do you love him? Are you guys hanging out? Agree or disagree, but this is a complicated relationship. You don’t know his due date. Oh, wait a minute…you didn’t know he had one? Poor thing. Now, you know why he left. It’s not on purpose. You’re thinking, “He’s tired of me or he doesn’t love me.” Girl, he has to catch another fish in the ocean. I hope he doesn’t find a shark because it will eat him alive.

A boyfriend is a man who likes your company. He gives you flowers. Holds your hand. Sparks great conversation and kisses you goodnight. He pays for everything. Metaphorically speaking, he took the car out for a test drive before he bought it. FYI- If he didn’t sleep with you yet, he’s not going to waste his time paying for all your necessities.

A boyfriend is a man who likes you for the moment. Keep in mind, I didn’t say in love. I said like. Just because he’s using your body doesn’t mean he’s going to stay. Eventually, he will find another fish. A boyfriend is a man who enjoys the dating process. He wants to grow with you. He respects you if you respect yourself. And if it doesn’t work out, let the shark take him.

A boyfriend is a man who wants to become a potential husband. Unfortunately, he doesn’t know how. He’s been the boyfriend for so long that being a potential husband has too much leverage. It’s a huge responsibility. A burden. I’ve heard stories where women describe how he ‘acts’ as a boy instead of a ‘man.’ But there is a reason. It’s who he is. A boy. In your mind, you believe he will change, but demanding someone to change to bring you happiness is selfish.

Having a boyfriend comes with side-effects that you may not be ready to handle. As the girlfriend, you have to expect the unexpected. Everything is okay on your end but he’s confused. And if you’re screwing him, the validity of your relationship stays right there. There is no more room to grow for what could’ve been.

So, please be mindful about what boyfriend you want. Do not look at how long you been together. Boyfriends who are potential husbands are ready to get married. Boyfriends, however, is a longer process that may end up in a break up causing you the girlfriend to break down.

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I’ve heard stories about women who prefer relationships with attractive men. Seriously? So, if his face doesn’t correspond with your heart or body, this love thing won’t work? I analyzed the situation.

Here is the result: there is no logic in what you’re doing.

Keep in mind, I’m traditional. If you believe this is how love is, you’ll be alone for the rest of your life. Love is deeper than someone’s appearance. If your goal is to be with someone attractive, what can I say? Attractive guys know they’re attractive. So, chances are you just got added to the list.

If you found someone who is not good-looking, but treats you with respect and loves you for you, I don’t see a problem. But for a typical woman, it’s a BIG question mark.

Trust me, it’s not worth it! You need to change your mindset. Focus less on his face and more on his character. If you do so, the outcome makes a difference.

Forget public affection because you don’t need it! Stop trying to live for other people and what they say. Because what ‘they say’ doesn’t matter. So don’t be ignorant. Be wise. Even the cutest guy in the room leaves bruises.

I know it’s hard. I never said it was easy. Don’t put love and looks in the same sentence. Give the guys you don’t talk to a chance. And by this, I mean men who are educated, smart, and gives respect at all cost. He may not be your type but you won’t know until you know.

Love is so powerful that you don’t even see his face. Until the day you experience it, you’ll think of this blog post and say, “Truth was right.”

In the end, don’t give your attention to a man because of his looks. If you want to be happy, you’ll be with him. His personality. His flaws, but not his face. My Instagram name is @ispeaktruth102. Follow if you want more inspiration.

As always, you are Beautiful. You are Smart. You are Amazing. Don’t let anyone tell you differently!



When I was six years old, I told my mother, “Mom, when I grow up I want to get married like Cinderella.” Like all mothers, she encouraged me & said, “You will.”

I don’t know why she lied, but okay.

Then, I grew up and realized the facts. Marriage is a fancy word for hypertension. Not even! Let’s add high cholesterol, unnecessary arguments, bad circulation; taking care of a man who has arms and legs but acts like he’s disable.

You get the point!

Marriage is a special union, but it’s not for everybody. And that’s okay! You have so much to live for. Places to visit. New people to meet. Life is about living.

When I hear stories about women begging their man to marry them, I can’t help but wonder, “What drug was it?”

Ladies, crying for a piece of metal is unacceptable. Unacceptable! A woman who is strong, independent, smart and respectful has no reason to beg. Why? He uses power to have control over your heart and mind. It’s really unfortunate because we’re emotional creatures. But you have to fight it!

Show this man you can stand on two feet and walk the runway!

It’s similar when it comes to a break up. They say, “In order to get over a man, you have to get under a new one.” To be honest, that’s the dumbest advice I’ve ever heard.

You don’t want to get under anything. Unless it’s Netflix or your comforter! Just because we want love doesn’t mean it’s bound to happen. I wished some men were honest with themselves. If you have no interest in marriage, tell her. Don’t hold her hostage.

So, my advice to women who lose hope on love, don’t lose hope. Just live! Your life is extremely vital than a ring. If you didn’t realize it before, I hope you see it today. Take the time to see the world for what it is because it’s beautiful.

And if God decides to send you a man while sailing in Dubai, take your chances. The universe works in mysterious ways. My Instagram name is @ispeaktruth102. Follow if you want more inspiration.

As always, you are Beautiful! You are Smart! You are Amazing! Don’t let anyone tell you differently!



Yesterday, I spoke about Self-Love. I had such a positive response that I was inspired to write something new. I want to dig a little deeper.

How deep?

Deeper than my gallbladder! I want to talk about dating.

What in heaven’s name is going on in this generation? I’m hearing three different stories.

  1. You skip dinner and go straight to bed like a wild goose and end up in the jungle like Jane and Tarzan.
  2. You eat dinner, get to know him and repay him by using your body.
  3. You go to dinner and get to know him. #Mybodystaysrightwhereitis

To be honest, I disagree with all three stories. I believe you can fall in love without dating. You can be with Eric and become his Ariel. You can meet the Prince and be his Cinderella.

Maybe it’s because I’m sincere. I will not allow a man to spend time and money when I know there’s no connection.

You’re probably thinking, “How do you know if you don’t give it chance?”

I did. I gave him 15 minutes. I’m not like most females. It doesn’t take that long for me. If he doesn’t crack a joke, he needs to go.


The quiet guys are so nice, but I feel like I’m at a cemetary. It’s too peaceful. I’m lost for words. I don’t know what to say.

Another thing I don’t like is this statement: Tell me about yourself. Correct me if I’m wrong, but is this a job interview? Do you have my resume? I just want to know.

After all, honesty is the best policy, right?

What can I say? I’m traditional. Building a connection doesn’t mean he has to use your body. Your body is a temple. Protect it. Don’t expose it.

At one point, my cousin said, “Relationships today are based on sex.” He even mentioned these words : A man needs to test drive the car before he buys it.”

Well, he better be on his way to a dealership. That’s where all the cars are located. They have all models and colors. I don’t care if it’s a Bentley or a Mercedes. I’m not a car. This is not a lease. He must be two kinds of crazy if he thinks I will sit here, and let him in like I have no sense.

Boy, Bye!

You’re a woman and not a machine. Please know your worth at all costs. I’m only saying this because it’s important to know. A man who loves you will know what to do. Ladies, focus on your well-being. I guaranteed you the journey only gets better!

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As always, you are Beautiful. You are Smart. You are Amazing. Don’t let anyone tell you differently!



Self-Love is the BEST LOVE. Yes it is! It’s not about having a perfect body because we’re all born with imperfections. I should tell you. I’m one of them.

Girl, my lower back is full of stretch marks. I lost count. I just take it as it goes. And I’m okay with it! It breaks my heart when I hear stories about women who went through surgery to have a straighter nose or breast implants.

First of all, you should know a sharp object that goes under your skin is an interruption of growth. Yes, you don’t see the change but it’s there.

Secondly, there is no such thing as a straight nose. A nose is a nose. You’re not a cartoon. And the breast implants? That’s DNA! Go ask your mother why she gave you small cups. And if she don’t have it, ask her where you got it from so you can conduct an investigation.

Don’t go through sharp objects to make you beautiful. Unless it affects your health in some way, you should leave it the way it is. You shouldn’t have to lose weight because your man says, “You would look better if you lost a few pounds.”

Well, I be damned! So, I don’t look better now? It’s bad enough you have your insecurities and someone who ‘loves’ you, says you don’t. If he thinks you should lose weight to impress him, the door is straight down to your left. He can’t miss it!

You’d be surprised how many fishes are in the sea. Just take him by his shirt collar and throw him in the ocean. Let the shark take him. I don’t have time to figure out why you don’t love me. Why? Because I love myself and that’s what matters.

I’m not going to lie. There was a point in my life where I had low self-esteem. It affected me tremendously in high school. I was just always sad. But it was only because I let people get into my mind for free. I started thinking, “Is there something wrong with me?” But the truth is, something was wrong with them.

Love yourself! Embrace every part of you. You don’t need surgery to make you beautiful. And you don’t need a man to tell you that you’re beautiful. By now, you should know you’re gorgeous. You can’t love someone else if you don’t love yourself.

If you don’t love yourself, take the time to see a therapist. There has to be an underlying reason.

God loves you. Your parents love you. Your family loves you. Your priest loves you. The next door neighbor loves you even though she’s nosy as hell. I think you get the point.

Please understand that self-love is a process. It doesn’t come overnight unless you read this blog and had a intervention. My Instagram name is @ispeaktruth102. Follow if you want more inspiration.

As always, you are Beautiful! You are Smart. You are Amazing! Don’t let anyone tell you differently.