Mental Health

I know what you're thinking: "There is nothing wrong with my mental health. I'm okay." The truth is, you're lying because deep down you're not okay. Here are a few examples that may apply to you: I didn't pass the bar exam. I'm never going to be a lawyer. I didn't pass my classes. I'm … Continue reading Mental Health



As you can imagine, this blog post is about my recent Instagram upload. It said: "If you believe that physical intimacy is going to save your marriage or relationship, think again." There are five categories of intimacy: Emotional, Intellectual, Physical, Experiential, and Spiritual. I want us to be mindful of the men we choose. Just … Continue reading PHYSICAL INTIMACY


There is a difference between a Boyfriend and a Boyfriend who is a Potential Husband. As women, we often get confused with relationships. The truth is, a boyfriend of four years will love you with his life, but it doesn't mean he will propose. My heart is heavy that I wanted to educate women and … Continue reading FINDING A POTENTIAL HUSBAND


I've heard stories about women who prefer relationships with attractive men. Seriously? So, if his face doesn't correspond with your heart or body, this love thing won't work? I analyzed the situation. Here is the result: there is no logic in what you're doing. Keep in mind, I'm traditional. If you believe this is how … Continue reading LOVE IS LOVE…LOOKS ARE LOOKS!