When I was six years old, I told my mother, “Mom, when I grow up I want to get married like Cinderella.” Like all mothers, she encouraged me & said, “You will.”

I don’t know why she lied, but okay.

Then, I grew up and realized the facts. Marriage is a fancy word for hypertension. Not even! Let’s add high cholesterol, unnecessary arguments, bad circulation; taking care of a man who has arms and legs but acts like he’s disable.

You get the point!

Marriage is a special union, but it’s not for everybody. And that’s okay! You have so much to live for. Places to visit. New people to meet. Life is about living.

When I hear stories about women begging their man to marry them, I can’t help but wonder, “What drug was it?”

Ladies, crying for a piece of metal is unacceptable. Unacceptable! A woman who is strong, independent, smart and respectful has no reason to beg. Why? He uses power to have control over your heart and mind. It’s really unfortunate because we’re emotional creatures. But you have to fight it!

Show this man you can stand on two feet and walk the runway!

It’s similar when it comes to a break up. They say, “In order to get over a man, you have to get under a new one.” To be honest, that’s the dumbest advice I’ve ever heard.

You don’t want to get under anything. Unless it’s Netflix or your comforter! Just because we want love doesn’t mean it’s bound to happen. I wished some men were honest with themselves. If you have no interest in marriage, tell her. Don’t hold her hostage.

So, my advice to women who lose hope on love, don’t lose hope. Just live! Your life is extremely vital than a ring. If you didn’t realize it before, I hope you see it today. Take the time to see the world for what it is because it’s beautiful.

And if God decides to send you a man while sailing in Dubai, take your chances. The universe works in mysterious ways. My Instagram name is @ispeaktruth102. Follow if you want more inspiration.

As always, you are Beautiful! You are Smart! You are Amazing! Don’t let anyone tell you differently!


4 thoughts on “MARRIAGE

  1. Marriage is very sacred and should be taken seriously. Nowadays it’s a waste. Two couples in a long term marriage once told me it’s about communication and understanding each other. If there is no communication, it won’t work. Some marriages don’t last due to the lack of understanding and loss of commitment. If two people are in it to win it and put God first, they will last forever.

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  2. Picking up from what Kailah said in the previous comment. The most important thing in marriage is the ability to communicate with one another (without yelling…lol). To quietly and respectfully express how each other is feeling and what both we ourselves as individuals and as a couple can do to sort out any problems that come up along the way. Love and commitment to one another and to ourselves and our hopes and dreams are also important. Its also vitally important that both partners feel that they are both doing their fair share of work/providing what is needed. My wife and I have been together for 33 years, married for 31 years – it has not been smooth sailing all the way, but over the years our communication skills have developed and we are now stronger than ever together.


    1. Communication is key. Along with various other factors. I also think that commitment is essential as well. Even when you may not always like your spouse or they are not the most loving, your ability to push through and decide to stay no matter what is what makes people choose to stay together despite all odds. Commitment is needed, because sometimes you are not always going to like them
      all the time. Love is an action word. You decide to stay not only because you love them but because you are committed. It goes hand in hand.


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