There is a difference between a Boyfriend and a Boyfriend who is a Potential Husband. As women, we often get confused with relationships. The truth is, a boyfriend of four years will love you with his life, but it doesn’t mean he will propose. My heart is heavy that I wanted to educate women and young girls to understand the difference.

What is a Potential Husband?

I’m talking about a Gentleman. Someone who sees your inner beauty and not your makeup because you think it makes you pretty. A Great Listener. Someone who never gets tired of hearing your issues. If anything, he should always support you. A man who pulls your chair first at a restaurant. A man who treats you with respect. A man who caresses you when being held is an option. A man who knows his woman is a Queen. I’m not saying a gentleman won’t think about sex. Of course, he will. But his intention would focus more on loving you than using you.

Let it marinate!

Boyfriends who are potential husbands do exist. The equation is simple. The same way a KING is looking for his QUEEN is equivalent to a QUEEN looking for her KING.

What is a Boyfriend?

What does it mean to have one? Does he really love you? Do you love him? Are you guys hanging out? Agree or disagree, but this is a complicated relationship. You don’t know his due date. Oh, wait a minute…you didn’t know he had one? Poor thing. Now, you know why he left. It’s not on purpose. You’re thinking, “He’s tired of me or he doesn’t love me.” Girl, he has to catch another fish in the ocean. I hope he doesn’t find a shark because it will eat him alive.

A boyfriend is a man who likes your company. He gives you flowers. Holds your hand. Sparks great conversation and kisses you goodnight. He pays for everything. Metaphorically speaking, he took the car out for a test drive before he bought it. FYI- If he didn’t sleep with you yet, he’s not going to waste his time paying for all your necessities.

A boyfriend is a man who likes you for the moment. Keep in mind, I didn’t say in love. I said like. Just because he’s using your body doesn’t mean he’s going to stay. Eventually, he will find another fish. A boyfriend is a man who enjoys the dating process. He wants to grow with you. He respects you if you respect yourself. And if it doesn’t work out, let the shark take him.

A boyfriend is a man who wants to become a potential husband. Unfortunately, he doesn’t know how. He’s been the boyfriend for so long that being a potential husband has too much leverage. It’s a huge responsibility. A burden. I’ve heard stories where women describe how he ‘acts’ as a boy instead of a ‘man.’ But there is a reason. It’s who he is. A boy. In your mind, you believe he will change, but demanding someone to change to bring you happiness is selfish.

Having a boyfriend comes with side-effects that you may not be ready to handle. As the girlfriend, you have to expect the unexpected. Everything is okay on your end but he’s confused. And if you’re screwing him, the validity of your relationship stays right there. There is no more room to grow for what could’ve been.

So, please be mindful about what boyfriend you want. Do not look at how long you been together. Boyfriends who are potential husbands are ready to get married. Boyfriends, however, is a longer process that may end up in a break up causing you the girlfriend to break down.

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